Monday, April 26, 2010

Wait and see...

Here is what I hope to transform the house to.

The offer to buy back "The Heather House" has been submitted! Now it's a waiting game... I wrote a little story to go along with the offer, explaining a bit of the home's history. I'm sure people are wondering how the home could have gone from so cute, to so bad. It was truly heartbreaking walking through the house. I think the thing that made me the most upset, was talking to the neighbor before I had even entered the house. He ranted on and on about how the house should just be "imploded". He needs to sleep with one eye open. No one is tearing down my little house. It's the house with 9 lives. I can already envision the transformation. I'm thinking a taupe color exterior, black shutters to go with the white window trim, and maybe a red door. Put a little front porch on the house, and tastefully landscape - you just wait! Inside, the walls will be re-textured and painted a warm sand color, the doors and trim all white. Re-finish the hardwood floors in the living room and put plush carpeting in the bedrooms. The kitchen will have a new cabinet set with stainless appliances and maybe a track light. Granite countertops and a new back door. In the bathroom, I would update it with a new vanity, oil rubbed bronze fixtures and neutral colors.

I'm ready - just give me the green light!!


  1. Ahhhh! I'm so excited!!!! Maybe we should go have a sleep over (on a Monday night) when you own it again. Then we can go for a run on Tuesday morning!

  2. Would you wake me up to Disney tunes or The Sound of Music? I'm afraid it just wouldn't be the same now that the bins have changed... We'd have to stop, open the bins, and look - which would be quite disrupting to our run.