Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hannah's Fruit Pie

Nana's birthday was approaching, and Hannah (my youngest) decided she wanted to make Nana a special birthday dessert.  She knew exactly what she wanted to make - one of those fruit tarts you see in the grocery store with the fresh strawberries, kiwi & blueberries.  Not knowing a recipe off hand and planning to be out of town for the weekend, when she asked if we could get the ingredients before we left I said "no - let's wait till we get home and can find a recipe".  We returned home from our mini vacation, and the night before the party I ran to the store at 10 o'clock at night and picked up the ingredients.  Not really knowing a recipe, I picked up a box of instant banana pudding and pie filling, a refrigerated crust and some fresh fruit.

Hannah go busy right away the next morning.  We pressed the pie crust into a quiche/tart pan and baked it till it was just perfect.  She whipped up the pudding, learning that runny pudding splatters quite a bit unless you cover the bowl with a paper towel.  Then she began topping the strawberries and peeling the kiwi.  She cut the kiwi into the perfect size sections and laid them carefully on the pudding.
Ta da!  The dessert was just as beautiful as the ones in the store, and was twice as delicious!  Great job Hannah!!  You are our little chef!

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  1. So pretty. She's such a little chef. I love that she enjoys cooking and baking!