Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Master Closet Organization

Gayle King (Oprah's BFF) once said "Your closet should be like your own personal boutique.  Everything in it should fit you perfectly, and you should LOVE all the items - or get rid of them".  I mentioned this in an earlier post, and finally got around to tackling my closet.  I am the queen of the stackers.  I start by laying one item on a chair, and then add another each day.  Before I know it I have a stack of clothes that need sorting and hanging.  I bring my clean laundry hamper into the closet and set it there until a few more piles of clean clothes add to the stack.  I am the first one to nag my girls about putting their laundry away, but do I lead by example?  no.  Unfortunately I didn't snag any "before" pictures, but trust me - it wasn't pretty.

Yesterday I finally went through my closet and really tried to make it more like my own personal boutique.  I re-arranged a few things, pulled out clothes and shoes that I either don't like or don't fit.  I straightened, color coordinated, stacked, vacuumed and dusted - making my closet more inviting and better organized.

Here are the "after" pictures~

Ta da!!

It feels so nice to walk in there now.  I even added a little lamp into my built-in to add a touch of warmth and help shed a little light on my jewelry area.

Lastly, I discovered "Space Bags" and LOVE how I can use them to store my winter sweaters without taking up much space!!  What a great tool!

I am so happy walking into my closet now.  It's funny how a little organization can make such a difference in your day.


  1. Nice job. I think I recognize a few items.

  2. This is great! I love getting organized. Just finished organizing my kids playroom! Such a nice feeling. Great job on the closet!