Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hanging a hammock!

I was inspired the other day by my second cousin.  She is a photographer, and in one of her photos she shows a beatiful hammock with pillows, kids giggling, and a candle chandelier overhead.  I remembered a hammock that we had tucked away in storage at our cabin which was never used.  I recently brought it home and was excited to hang it quickly before summer ended.
Here is the hammock - ready to hang!

I drilled a starter hole in the tree

Then I screwed in a hook.  Hindsight, I should have put in an eye, not a hook.  I'm going to have to swap it out as the hook is widening.  Live and learn!

I did the same on both sides and connected it with some chain.
Ta da!!

The hammock is hung!

Here is what you see when you are laying on the hammock!

I hung it on the same tree as our tire swing.
Not sure if you can see it behind the tree, but it's there.

I love the tire swing and the hammock.  They both just scream summer!
I had a tire swing as a kid and spent MANY hours on that swing.
I'm glad my girls get the same joy out of theirs.

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