Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm feeling crafty.....!

BABY STEPS!!  I haven't said "there..." yet, but I'm feeling much better about my chaotic craft room.  I even sewed some pillowcases last week! 

At least I can find things now.  I was able to put all the kids school papers into their notebooks.

I found my desk!!  I even used it to laminate some flyers, cut fabric, and actually do a little work.

 I moved my fun feminine lamp down to my desk.  I love the little glow it puts off.  It makes me happy.

My favorite new addition is my candle sconces.  I have had these in storage for about 3 years, and finally found a home for them.  Why didn't I think of putting them in here before??  This is still a work in progress though.  I plan to spray paint the mirror black - and maybe even the sconces too!

I feel good about the progress of my craft room.  Now I just need some time to catch up on scrapbooking, mending, sewing patches on Girl Scout vests, and continued school binder organization.  At least I have an organized place to get it all done!!


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  2. I was inspired by your lamp to look at my bloggy space through new eyes. So with that being said Im off to buy a lamp with twinkles and it must make me smile! I am in love with #7 on your play list.I will be back.