Friday, November 19, 2010

The Heather House is all grown up,

 It started as an abandoned home, waiting to be torn down so a daycare could take it's place.  As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, this home became my first home - the only condition was that I had to move it!

And so I did!

I painted the door and trim pink...

And then blue with white heart shutters.

Unfortunately the people who rented it for 10 years, and then later purchased it from me
ended up completely trashing the home, and lost it in foreclosure.

The ads when it was listed read "Potential Tear Down..."
That broke my heart.  I had so much love invested in this home, the thought of someone buying it to simply tear it down was devastating.

We put a bid in on the home when it was for sale, but were outbid and did not get the opportunity to give it the makeover it desparately needed.

Today I drove past the home, fearing I would see an empty lot where the home once stood.
Much to my surprise, I found my baby - all grown up!!

The investors who purchased it fixed it up beautifully!  I was so pleased to see  my "Heather House" looking so polished and clean.  The yard was nicely landscaped, everything looked so fresh and new. 

It's like a child who got mixed up with the wrong crowd, involved in drugs and you lost for a while comes walking through the front door all grown up, clean and healthy.  You can see it's still them,
but they look so happy now!
That's the way I feel about my little house.

It went from a family home, to abandoned and near demolition, to a move across town, fixed up, then run down, close to demolition again, and now...BEAUTIFUL!

Welcome Back, Heather House.


  1. Beautiful home! I love the layout and the kitchen is wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing your first home with me!


  2. Have you posted this on my linky party yet?

  3. Wow! The house looks great! What a great little house!