Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Silhouettes

OK, so I'm a little late.  This should have been LAST Friday's post, but I threw a Halloween party for my kids last Saturday night, so Friday I was a little busy.  SO, here it is today!

I was looking through Halloween magazines at Lowes and came across this picture in one (Sorry, I don't remember which one it was).

I remembered I had 4 frames tucked away in my craft room which I had had FOREVER.  They were gold, and in desperate need of a paint job.  So I put my daughters to work with a can of spray paint, and we painted them glossy black.

While they were drying in the garage, I drew the patterns of the silhouettes I wanted on a plain piece of paper.

Then I cut out the pattern and traced it on to a piece of black paper.

I cut out the final picture, glued it to white cardstock, and inserted it in the frame.

Ta da!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

Happy belated Halloween!

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