Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Purge

As much as I love the holidays, it is so nice to put all the Christmas decorations away, give the house a good cleaning, and start simplifying.  If you're like me, you start the year with a goal to be more organized and have your home run more smoothly.  Room by room, I am weeding out all the clutter.  I started in my daughter's rooms and closets.  I pulled boxes of clothes out of the closets, removed a bookshelf which was cluttered with "treasures", and reorganized the dressers complete with laminated labels.  I moved a wire cube shelf into her closet, and labeled cloth bins for "underwear, socks, etc". 

Into my other daughter's closet, I moved a small dresser for her underwear, belts, and socks.  Each of the girls have small walk-in closets and like to treat the closet like a mini dressing room.


We went through BOXES of jewelry, and organized all the jewelry into categories of;
1. Jewelry she wears regularly
2. Special Jewelry with sentimental value
3. Dress-up jewelry

I also got some small rubbermaid drawers to store my daughter's Lip Smaker/Chapsticks, nail and pedicure supplies, and other makeup items small enough to fit into the drawers.

She has so many collections, it can be frustrating orgainzing all her treasures.  Where does one store 100+ bouncy balls?  Rock collection? Kitty collection? Stuffed Animals? Build-a-bear clothes? Ceramic Angels?  It can be a daunting task finding an organized system for all of these "priceless" items.

This may be just the first step in a marathon, but it feels like a leap to me!

Happy cleaning!

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