Sunday, March 20, 2011

Impatient for Impatiens!

Happy Spring!!  Here in the Northwest, Spring has arrived with sunshine and mild (50 degree) temperatures.  I am so ready for my flowerbeds to be anything but brown.  I soaked my sweet peas in water last night and planted them under my kitchen window this morning.  I look forward to them peeking up to greet me in the next few months!

I also planted my Impatiens in a starter tray.  They are now sitting in my kitchen window.  I plan to move them to a greenhouse until they are ready to plant.  I just adore impatiens.  They look so pretty along walkways.

I was inspired to plant them because of a former neighbor who had them planted all over her yard.  They looked SO pretty.  Every year, her house looked so nice lined with these sweet little flowers.  Recently, she lost a battle to cancer.  I plant them now to remember her by.  Every time I look at my yard, I think of Lisa.

I hope your yard brings you happiness this summer.  Happy planting!


  1. No planting for us today, just spreading some poop. Do you have a greenhouse now?

  2. No, a neighbor lets me put my flowers in his greenhouse. He brings them back all ready to plant! It seemms we are "over eager" waterers here.