Friday, July 8, 2011

Magazine Holder Makeover!

I have a confession.  I think I am a closet hoarder.  I have unusual obsessions with things I just can't part with, and if it weren't for my other obsession to organize things, you just might find me on the show "Hoarders".  My addiction?     Magazines.  Especially home decorating or organizing magazines.  I just can't seem to get rid of them, (and don't even get me started with the holiday editions of Better Homes and Gardens!)  Even when I go through old magazines page by page, when I get to the end and realize there was nothing of interest to me in the magazine, I still can't seem to part with it.  I hang on to them for YEARS. 

My sister recently posted a blog about Martha Stewart magazines and it got me thinking about my old collection (and I do mean OLD).  I just went through my old stack and realized they were from
 1995!!.  I decided I needed to go through the magazines and tear out any recipe or crafty idea that looked interesting and THROW THE REST OF THE MAGAZINE AWAY.  So I did.  This, of course, brought on a new little project.  How can I organize my magazines to make them look prettier in my craft room??  Low and behold, I found some wrapping paper at Michaels which perfectly matched my curtains.  I decided to wrap the holders and love the way it's turning out!

 Much like wrapping a present, I cut the paper to size and started taping.

When all is said and done... ta da!! Pretty Magazine Holders!!

I found that 1 roll wrapped 4 holders, so I will need to go back to Michaels and get a couple more rolls.

I have seen similar magazine holders in the store for about $7 each - but considering my obsession with magazines, that could send me to the poor-house.  I will GLADLY wrap my old ones for the same general look at the cheaper price. 
 I'm so excited about this new project.  I have even begun to throw out the 16 year old magazines to make room for the more recent issues.  Baby steps!

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  1. Love those! This post reminded me of the day I was looking for inspiration for the new house. You pulled out about 75 Pottery Barn catalogs and we found the perfect pictures!