Monday, July 11, 2011

Wine Barrel Table

My husband recently went up to his dad's barn and brought home some treasures.  This barn is every rusty junk-lover's dream.  It's 5,000sf packed full of 40 years of collecting.  A lot of it is truly junk, but there are some treasures to be found if you dig deep enough.  On this trip, my hubby found 2 wine barrels.  One was full size, and the other was half size.  I'm currently using the half size one for holding wood used in our outdoor firepit, and the full size one got a makeover yesterday!

Here is the before;

And here is the after!

I don't quite know where I'm putting my wine barrel table yet.  I'm happy with how it turned out!  You've gotta love Krylon.  Spray paint is my bff.

My next goal with this table is to decopauge wine labels under the glass on the top.  I guess I'd better get busy drinking wine so I can peel the labels off.  It's good to have goals :)


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